Whether it's for your business or your family, we can help. From 30-second Television Broadcast or Webcasting spots, to 30-minute programs, promotional, corporate, training, orientation, educational, talent highlight reels for college admission and/or scholarship funding, dbF is here for you and will do everything we can to work within your budget.

Our studio in La Plata, MD is the all-in-one solution to meet your audio and video production needs. With multiple backgrounds, lighting kits, green screen, teleprompter, camera crane, single and multi-camera shoots and direct-to-edit technology, the vast possibilities you can imagine, our studio can provide.

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Our crew will not only record your ideas but can also assist you with scripting, music, voiceover artists, and/or voice coaching to help you get the perfect read every time.


As graduation approaches, you’re thinking about how to pay for your continued education. Let dbF professionally showcase your skills, whether it’s music, drama, dance, sports or art. Your artistic or athletic abilities are powerful tools for use in obtaining scholarship funding and acceptance to college. Bring us images, video footage or audio recordings -- or let us record you – and we’ll produce an audio CD or DVD that will show your college of choice exactly why you should be there.