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dbF's multi-track studio is designed to live record small to moderate sized vocal or instrumental ensembles. Complete with an array of mics, amps and drum set. Our isolation booth connects to our main studio for overdubs, vocal, or solo instrumental tracks. Our knowledgeable recording engineers have over 30 years of industry experience to ensure you get the quality and sound you're looking for.


We provide a vast amount of services related to the world of sound. We can record your music from scratch in our studio, provide voice-over artists for your video project, script, record and edit radio commercials, create an on-hold message for your phone system, transfer your old and outdated recordings to the latest formats, create custom printed copies of your CD, and much more. dbF is your one stop shop for all things audio.


All of our staff at dbF have musical backgrounds, so we take providing any type of musical service seriously. Whether it's writing an original score, creating a commercial jingle, recording a band or ensemble on location or in our studio, or even performing live music at a special event, we are always proud to be involved in anything music related. 

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