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8mm transfer machine

8mm & Super 8 film transfers include:

  • Finalized DVD

  • Chaptered scene selections 

  • Custom DVD menu

  • Background music 

  • Digital files (optional)


Recapture long-lost footage of your loved ones and generations past. Let dbF transform your 8mm, Super 8, VHS, Camcorder tape, audio cassettes, even family photos onto DVD's or audio CD's that will be cherished for generations to come.


We know how important it is to hold on to your memories, so we do the work in-house, removing the risk of mail-loss




Every transfer will include a labeled master DVD with up to 2 hours of footage. Additional copies may be purchased at any time.  

Give us a call and we'll explain how to get organized before you drop off your film or audio tracks, ultimately saving YOU time and money. You can use the chart below to determine the footage of your reels for a more accurate quote.

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